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Yatırım Consultancy ve Taahhüt

Artcan Agricultural Products Investment Consulting Industry and Trade Limited Company

Artcan Tarım with its professional staff offers modern solutions, especially in the field of high technological greenhouses, starting from the stage of feasibility, at the stage of realization of investment, till the stage of the process of production and marketing.


Artcan specifies for the investor the region to invest, separately evaluates the available regions and reports their advantages and disadvantages. It performs the analysis of climatic and meteorological data, studies the economical and demographical structure of the region, evaluates market conditions and makes reports.


All these data play the determining role in the investment decision. These data specify technologies suitable for the region of investment and varieties of products to be produced according to the market conditions.

Artcan provides consulting services to the investor at the point of marketing as well as establishes the marketing department in the establishment.


Artcan organizes training of technical team for the production and together with its professional agricultural engineers who passed through the special training provides production consulting services at the stage of production.


Yatırım Consultancy ve Taahhüt


The main purpose of Artcan Tarım is to create the best projects for the investors using the opportunities of modern technologies thanks to its staff constantly following innovations of the future.


Artcan Tarım is a company which due to its knowledge, skills, methods and gained experience in the sector offers for investors original solutions at every stage starting from investing, at the stage of production, and finishing with the stage of marketing.